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The purpose of this document is to provide the instruction for taking the Prestige System for a self directed test drive.  Please remember it normally takes 5-10 hours of of administrative training to train on the features in the system you are touching.  A big risk for us is that you get lost in the system or find it too confusing, so to that end this document is an attempt to guide you to the major features of the Prestige system.   If at any time you feel overwhelmed or feel the system is to complex, please contact Prestige sales team to walk you through the features.


Accessing the site


We are providing you access to the Test site.   Remember all data and information here, while looks like actual students is demo data.  


Accessing the site.  

The url for the test site is:






There are multiple log-in options:




User Type

User Name


Administrative Portal




Staff Portal





Business office manager




Campus Director




Financial Aid




Front Desk








General Staff








Student Portal



Prospective Student

Prospective Student





Cloud based system

Prestige is an online hosted software platform designed to help manage the operations of a single or multi location accredited beauty and massage school.   We understand the chaotic crazy creative nature of our schools, the power of the system is it brings order and efficiency to chaos.


Alerts and dashboard:


The Prestige system is designed to know what is required and will tell the staff what they need to do and when to do it, reducing the need to rely on someone to remembering the next steps  The to-do dashboard is the consolidated view for the school staff.  It provides a single home for reminders and daily to do tasks, calendar, and email.   Completed and open item tasks are tracked for activity and productivity, helping the school  run more efficiently.  




Prestige accomplishes this by heavily leveraging automated system alerts, called Sparks and scheduled to-do's. Sparks are automated notifications delivered via email, text, mobile app or viewed on individual users start board.






The power of Prestige is how it leverages technology to increase productivity through system settings and automation.  In admissions, Prestige collects new prospect leads from web page forms, walk in's, or information collected during phone call leads, and tells the admissions staff they need to contact the lead.




Note:  Select the first Prospect on the list -     Brittany Barker..


 The system tracks the stages of the admissions process and adds automation and reminders to each step.   The system sends notification to prospective students of their Kit options or specialized equipment options they can ask admissions for at enrollment.



Document Management:


Coupled with the admissions steps are documentation requirements and document management.   For example, the admissions page contains placeholders for required documents based on the type of student.   Admissions would be required to add student ID, Social security cards, HS diplomas or transcripts.  Image thumbnails will indicate the collection of the required documents and highlight the missing information.




Student Records:


When the students are enrolled the lead record is converted to a student record.



As students pass hour thresholds the system creates Spark messages automatically creating or reminding staff to manually send to financial aid for award money, create the SAPs progress reports, monthly student progress reports or other communications.    Integrated Docusign or e signature programs provide the ability for students to sign documents electronically and have the images added to the student file in the document archive system.    

Schedule changes, contract changes or other changes that would impact the student business office account or scheduled completion date, trigger Sparks to the respective departments.    Financial award disbursements  also trigger the collection of required documentation such as hours report and disbursement receipts.    Again, incremental file auditing occurs as the student progresses through the program, notifications would be triggered for missing documents.


Course calculation:


The system will automatically calculate the student completion date, projected graduation date and contact date based on program selection and schedule.  

  • For example: the 1,500 hour Cosmetology course with a specific class start date will calculate: the pay period dates and the targeted end date, taking into account holidays, leave of absence time, and full or part time schedule.  

The system will  create the individualized Enrollment Agreement, using the course dates, standard contract data, and electronic signatures.



Incremental Audit Steps:


Incremental audit steps insure that all required detail are collected prior to allowing the student to move to the next step,  for example admissions or student (web portal) must collect image of a student ID and Social security card, high school diploma or equivalent and a signed admissions contract with a school schedule selected prior to allowing the student to move to the enrolled status.   Notifications is sent to admissions  when all requirements are met. As with all Spark notifications, Interested parties can subscribe to each alerts -- so for example campus director would create a view to show them all the students that have been enrolled into their campus.  


When a prospective student has all of the required documents, they are added to a class roster is a collection of schedule school start dates with an assigned teacher.  When a student is enrolled they are issued a student id, assigned to a teacher and sent their welcoming email. The enrolled status change triggers a Spark message to order student kits, books, and supplies. The addition of a student to the roster adds the student to the timeclock. The system assists in the communication to the student with an email welcome packet, first day instructions and creation of their student account and email. Teachers are sent notification of the new class starts.  Admissions is sent notification of no starts or when alerts when students first clock in.  



Financial Processing:


Prestige creates a student account and manages the financial activity for the student.


Account balances are accumulated from tuition, books, supplies, Hedlux, product orders, or other student fees to the student account.  Prestige identifies funding sources include financial aid awards, scholarships, credits or student payments.  Imports from Weber update the student account for financial disbursements.  Students can initiated payments via the front desk or through an online payment section of the student portal.  Cash flow forecasting and payment reconciliation are managed by student payment information.  




Integrated Time clock:



The time clock system tracks student hours as they progress through the program.  Daily biometric reads collect the student time in attendance and provides feedback on hours and progress when they clock in or out.  The time clock tracks the student attendance so absences, tardy, or early departures can trigger Spark messages to teachers or student affairs.  The time clock also manages employee hours and payroll numbers.


Through the teacher portal  the teacher can pull up their roster of students, identifying who is present or absent.  The teachers are able to contact each missing student, recording all student communication notes, i.e  no answer, sick, etc.  - in the student file.  This student/ teacher tracking also assists in school management by calculating student/teacher ratios -at any time reporting the number of students per teacher numbers for rosters, departments, or entire campus.  Spark messages would be used to notify management of changes in threshold levels.



Teacher - Student - Staff Online Portals:


The teacher/student interaction is one of the most important in the school.  A great teacher student relationship is paramount in a school's success and Prestige uses technology to facilitate the connection. The Teacher portal provides a view for seeing currently clocked-in students, allow for two-way student communication -phone call, text, email, Spark replies - being able to enter in Practical skill assessments, electronic schedule editing, grade notification, at risk student views, reminders of student progress report review.  The student Portal is the communication link with the school giving the student ability to send Absence notifications, Leave of absence requests, student surveys, grievance notifications, crime, bullying or fraud/waste reporting, grades, services, academic progress, student account balance, financial aid, school calendar, and more.  


Test grades are either manually entered or imported from online testing systems from Milady's examview, Mindtap or the Pivot Point exam ace system, practical exam scores would be entered by the teacher portal allowing for nearly instant recording and student reporting.  The goal for is the Prestige student portal provides the student a complete history of their activity at the school.


We feel the information shared in the portal is so integral to the education process, the system includes unlimited student and staff portal licenses.



Front Desk POS system:


The front desk is the customer service front line of each school.  The Prestige POS manages all client interactions and cash handling activity. The client database is populated by activity and is be used to market student salon services and specials.  


For example: Prestige can send coupons or discounts on massages or facials to every color service or featured product purchase.  



Service Requirements:


The front desk tracks all student activity performed on clients or in practice and automatically increments service requirements, replacing the manual service cards.   The school can define what requirements are performed as each service is performed.  Service requirement counts would be available for the student to access on the student portal along with hours, grades or other information.



Salon Inventory and product usage:


The Prestige Salon Management Portal provides a centralized point to define the services, prices, inventory, the individual location quantity requirements, cost, pricing, ordering, product receiving and restocking.  Each location receives the data from a centralized Portal that manages inventory, prices and services.  Each location receives the service and stock counts but can override at the local level.  Product usage - how much of the product is used on each service is defined and stock totals are recalculated based on service activity along with back bar stock.  Automated Spark alerts remind staff at regular intervals the need to conduct manual stock counts to identify inventory leakage or to correct inventory counts.  Inventory totals, including triggered reorder amounts and and purchasing  will be monitored and centrally managed.



Management Reports:


The system will provide management tools for running the business of the school. Customization Key Performance Indicator reports,  Campus level P&L statements including clinic sales to provide dashboard level reporting.  campus and Program profitability, inventory costs.  An integrated query/ report builder tool provides the ability for the school to create and save customized reports



A key feature is automating the federal and state required reporting collection.     Integrated in the system is the identifying, tracking, and reporting of data required for compliance.    Administrators can set threshold levels for specific fields and create Sparks for items of concern.  




In summary, Prestige is a tool that will help you manage your school better.   It is what we use for our school.  We share how we run our school and provide a best practices model already built into the system. You can be assured that issues that are important to our niche of the education industry are addressed in Prestige




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