Graduation: Grace Period Configuration

Prestige Student Management Software

A new feature has been added to your Prestige Software!

Schools that want to build-in a predefined "grade period" or extension to the contract graduation date, to account for "snow days", Holidays and events without configuring them in your calendar now have a way to designate a numerical value for that time missed.  

Welcome to the Grace Period Setup!

The Grace period provides the school the ability to add a predefined number of days as a built in cushion adding to the contract graduation date. 

Logged into your Prestige Software:

  1. Setup & Customization
  2. System Options
  3. Filter for phrasing (Sample screen shot showing grace as the filter name)
  4. Enter in the numerical value of days you want to add before the contract graduation date.  (Currently restricted to # of days in Calendar year)
  5. Save

By configuring this option, it will apply this grace period globally to your student body/staff regardless of status (ie. Full-time, Part-time, LOA)

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