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The purpose of this document is to describe the functionality for defining, collecting and reporting graduation requirements.  For all the Prestige schools, the state licensing board wants to know how much time the students are spending on specific graduation requirement  (hands on skills) , and add a classification of Theory program requirements (book work) curriculum. 


The Prestige system provides functionality for automated accumulation of graduation requirement.  These items are accumulated in the student record by either by selling the service in the POS, by attending a class where this subject is taught, or by a staff/instructor manually enter the completion of a skill.

This document describe this functionality in the Prestige system.  


Program Requirement Classification in  Prestige


There are currently three Graduation Requirement Classifications in Prestige.

  1. Program requirements (Theory)
  2. Practical Skills (Practical)  and
  3. Administrative (Admin)


These types are hard coded in the system and we currently do not allow for customization of these types.  Note:  Defining each type is not required, the users can define one, two or all three types.


Set up of Graduation Requirements


In the Program set up screen -  customization/program, the graduation requirements for the program are defined.


Administrators would set up each of the program requirements and the classifications.


  • Add new classifications for Graduation Requirement Type
  • Use response sets or new category in customization -so school can create their own classification of graduation type: default is Theory, Practical, Admin.
  • Change the requirement “Unit field” to “Requirement Duration” - as in time format.
  • Time in hours format
  • Need to add “duration per unit”
  • Define the requirements as total time spent on function
  • Be able to import the program requirements
  • Update Program Requirements totals to:  sum durations vs. counting number of rows






Setting up Theory Requirements

Theory, classroom, subjects can be defined to the level of when they are taught in the classroom, including the subject and the time spent.  If the student was in class during the time this subject was taught, as determined by the clock punch data, the student will accumulate the theory credits.  


Defining Class Topics

In the Class set up screen, the users can define the class topics.   Class topics is a listing of the educational elements taught during the class.  Originally used for detailed curriculum, the Class Topics allow prestige users to define what graduation requirements will be met by the student attending the class.



Note:  This function does not report on the grades or demonstration of knowledge, it simply awards the defined graduation requirements for theory to every student clocked in during the class time.



Edit the Class Topics Screen


Display has a column for week, date, day of week, graduation requirement and duration.  

  • grad requirement (drop down of predefined requirements)
  • Entry for Time spents
  • Have ability to have multiple requirements for each day.
  • Additional Columns for Grad requirements
  • Additional columns for time spent

(able to add additional requirement and durations)  


Class topics are defined in the class set up screen

Academics/ classes



 If the user clicks to add or edit the class topics.


They can define the details of the Theory requirements:


Theory Requirements are set-up by providing the following information :

1. Pick date

2. define duration

3. define hours credit

4. pick the graduation requirements

5. Click submit to save



Note:  Once added to a class schedule.  If the student is present in school during the day this class is taught, the student will receive graduation requirements credit for the subject.




Uploading or copying class materials


The users can see all the class topics in a single list by clicking on the View Class Topics button.



The user will see a listing of class topics.



Setting up/ viewing fields in class topics in Customization/System Options


This interface allows the user to upload/ copy/ save class topics.











Interface with POS

When the system imports ticket data from the POS there is a function that converts the services performed to Program Requirements (defined in Inventory setup) Currently, the function adds a number of rows for each service performed.   Instead of inserting a row for each item, Insert a single row and add the duration earned by the student.



Service Book

A new interface for instructors and staff to manually record, track and monitor student progress.  Teachers and staff will be able to Add/ edit Program Requirements in Program Requirements Book

  • Features
  • Filters to apply until changed -
  •  so any updates do not change the filter
  • User selects date - default is yesterday
  • User Selects Campus  - default is campus listed in user profile
  • User selects Program  - default is program the user is instructor
  • A listing of all the graduation service requirements for the program reporting the individual student level and time spent on each daily, summarized at the daily level.
  • Only show students with attendance amounts for the day
  • Order list by student last name - ascending
  • Column headings of grad requirements across grid
  •  grouped by type
  • Allow the user to edit the amount of service time in the worksheet
  • Sum the daily durations of the grad requirements
  • Conditional Formating of the attendance field to show if amount of time spent on services has to equal the amount of time in attendance
  • Graphic designation when the amounts match
  • Change duration time field text or background to green if attendance totals match sum of grad requirements.






By clicking on a field, the user can edit the count and the duration of the specific requirement listed.



Graduation Services Report:

  • Report of Services/ Graduation requirements
  • Report listing the services and the grad requirement and which services
  • New customer specific reports - Graduation Requirement Time
  • Each state has a unique format Reports the amount of time spent on each graduation requirement during the reporting period.
  • These reports would be created from the data in the services performed table


Need to test to see if this exists:

Individual Student report

  • State of Michigan Report on Theory Time spent
  • Detail of the theory subjects and the amount of time the student spend performing the task



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