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The Instructor Portal is an integral tool in the Prestige Student Information System. The purpose of this document is to provide guidance for entering services, grades, and attendance on the individual instructor’s class roster in the Prestige Instructor Portal.


All Instructors in the Prestige System have access to the teacher portal.  The teacher portal is a tool that gives the instructor the ability to manage their classes and communication with students.


Access the Prestige System

Log into the system with the username and password.  

Make sure the role is “Instructor”





Once the instructor logs into the portal the first screen is the the dashboard.  This screen provides links to different functions and links to data in the system.  



           Schoolwide or classwide announcements are listed in the top center.  

  • Announcements can come from school staff and if the user clicks on the link, the details are displayed.
  • Messages are any messages created internally in the system from students, staff, or administrators using the Prestige Portal.


The middle of the dashboard shows teacher specific widgets, or push reports.   Some of the widgets featured in Prestige include:  

  • Class Listing and student clock in status    
  • Students on LOA
  • Students missing placement or Licensure information
  • Clock punch activity
  • Assigned Tasks
  • Forms needing reviewing




Right Hand Side Links:    Account and Profile Link

The account and profile link allow the instructor to edit their profile, add specific information, add/upload a picture and add their Signature for “one-click signatures”.  Additional tabs are used for collecting specific Information defined by the school.

Right Hand Side Links:  Time clock Punches

On the right hand side is a link called Time clock Punches.  This link displays a view of the clock punch activity for the school.  This report includes all the students that are clocked-in for current or historical days.


Note:  This shows clock punch activity.  Attendance can be different due to automated deductions (lunch), attendance rounding policies, exclusion dates, class schedules or make up time.    




Left Hand Side Functions List:

The links on the left hand side are for the instructor to initiate communication to students or staff, view their classes, enter grades, take attendance, add class materials, print reports, or view school Issues list.  


The Functions List on the left hand side is to be used by the instructor to perform tasks in the system.  

Examples of Tasks are:

  • Communication
  • Attendance
  • View Progress reports (Report Cards)
  • Entering grades
  • Entering Services
  • Viewing issues List
  • Other functions defined by the school




Note:  The user can always return to this screen by clicking on the words “Start Page”  on the top of the Functions List.



Left Hand Side Functions List:  Communication:

The communication options are messages - email type messages to students, staff or admin.  The second option is Instant Alerts -- Instant alerts are limited information messages - like text or email to the students external email address.



Messages to one recipient or multiple recipients to communicate an event, day off, inclement weather information or any other information.


To send a message from Prestige:


  1. Click on “Messages” in left side bar.
  2. Click on “New Message” in right side bar.
  3. Click on any of the four pre-populated categories to “Add Student”, Add Instructor, “Add Staff” or “Add Administrator” to add recipient(s) to your message.
  4. “Remove” by clicking on “Remove” allows you to remove a selection that you may have added in error.
  5. Click in the design area to formulate your message. A variety of design options are available here by clicking on the different selections.
  6. Click in the “body” field area to type your message.
  7. “Upload File” click this tab to add  file from your computer to attach ti to the message.
  8. “Send Message” click this tab to send your message.

Instant Alerts:

Instant Alerts are a quick method to send or notify a student or staff member of an upcoming event, school closure or any other “Quick” communication.


*Instant Alerts” are delivered via text or email.



  1. Click on “New Alert” in right column under “Instant Alerts”.
  2. In the “To” portion of the screen you will find the groups to send your “Instant Alert”. You may also filter your selection to select which campus you would like to target if you have multiple campuses.


  1. EXAMPLE:  “ADD STUDENTS”, at the top of this screen.  Student status (LOA, Grads, Drops)  Classes, Departments, or Campus’.

Here also you may choose to select a group of students or search for a student by last name by accessing the “alphabet” bar at the top of the screen.


  1. Choose which type of “Instant Alert” to send, either “Email” or “SMS” (text) message.
  2. *If you choose “Email”, formatting and design options are available.
  3. Type the subject of your message here.
  4. There are many design and formatting options available to use to make your message as simple or as elegant as you wish.
  5. Type the content of your message here.
  6. “Attach File”  allows you to browse and attach your “Instant Alert” to any type of file in your computer that you wish.
  7. “Save Copy In Correspondence Folder”  check mark this box if you wish to save your newly created “Instant Alert”. Click on “Send” to publish your “Instant Alert”





Left Hand Side Functions List: Classes:  

The classes section is where the instructor is able to manage the students in their classes.   Instructors can view the class roster, complete forms for the students, enter graduation requirements, view SAP reports, Progress Reports (report cards), or enter/grade Practical Skills.


When the class is selected, the class Roster displays , listing all the students and functions that can be performed for them.   Student contact information is displayed in the class roster.





To see Attendance History from the Roster screen:

If the teacher selects the student in the class roster and selects the attendance records on the right hand side links,


The monthly calendar view is displayed.  Select the student name from the listing to view individual attendance records.



The attendance history report is displayed, showing the individual attendance history for the students.


The right hand side links include the Clock Hours Program Report.









Forms are used to help manage the communication collected from the students.   Data collected in forms are added to the student record or stored in the system.


  1. Click on “Forms” in the left side bar.
  2. Select the form from the list on the right and side.
  3. Fill in all information requested in this portion of the screen.


  1. “Assigner Reviewer”, this function automatically defaults to the administrator of the program.
  2. Click on “Submit Form”.
  3. Click on “Send Notification” the form will be sent to the administrator of the program. It will also be sent to you who have created the form.


Examples of other types of forms used in Prestige:


License or Placement Certification

Did your student graduate? Pass their state board exam? Are they working?

Did they stop in and tell you? Did they call you with the information?

Licensure and placement is imperative for accreditation, you have the ability to gather this information from your student and add it to the Prestige system.


6. Click on the calendar icon and enter a date.

7. Click on “Yes” or “No” for each of the questions asked.

8. If you have the student’s license number enter it here.

9. If you have access to the student’s license, you may click “Upload” to scan the image into the system.

10. Click “Submit Form”.

11. Check mark the box next to the student’s name under “Send Notification” to send a copy of this form to the student.

  • The form will automatically load into the Prestige system.


          Monthly Student Advising Form

At our school we have our teacher perform a monthly evaluation of the student.  The data and questions are organized from the Monthly Student Advising Form.



3.In the right sidebar click on “New Student Counseling”.

4. The information in these boxes will be pre-populated once you choose the student you wish to counsel.

Type in date.

Pick the student’s program.

 Have students open Chromebooks. Bring up any previous month’s counseling form to review progress.

 Have students click on “Reports & Transcripts”.

5. Click on “Progress Reports” - Grades and Practicals(This screen references Theory and Practical grades) Mark “Y” for “Yes” or “N” for “No” based on the student’s progress for this report. Type in the grades that need attention in the blank text box in this portion of the screen.


6. Click in the “Services” screen. Mark “Y” for “Yes” or “N” for “No” based on the student’s completion or non completion of services for this report.

Type in any services that need attention in the blank box attached to this portion of the screen.

7. Have student click on “Attendance”. Click “Attendance Records”.

Instructor will advise student on attendance progress.

Instructor will type in the following information:

Hours to date (actual hours).

Scheduled hours.

Attendance percentage.

*Contract Graduation date will auto fill. (Report to help desk if not correct.

Mark “Y” for “Yes” or “N” for “No” if student is or is not satisfying the attendance requirement.

8. Student will click “Finance Tab”,then click “Payments & Invoices”.

If no payment date is on the screen, then the fee is still owed by the student.


9. Click into the blank “Action Plan” box to type in the action plan that the student will be required to follow in preparation for the next month’s counseling appointment.

10. “Notify Prestige Support” click in the blank box and type in any information that the student is missing such as data, grades or hours.

11. “Teacher Signature” and “Student Signature”. You will sign the form electronically with your mouse.

If you need to reset the signature click “Clear” and resign the form with your mouse.

12. Type the date on this line.

13. Click “Submit” to save the form to the student’s file.



Services Performed and Graduation Requirements:

Graduation requirements are tracked at the student level.  Prestige allows the school to define a list of specific graduation requirements (services performed by student ).   Services are automatically accumulated by sales in the POS or manually by the instructor from the Instructor Portal.



  • Click on Services Performed. (next to student’s name)



  • Pick service you wish to enter from drop down menu.
  • Type in the number of service you want to enter.
  • Service date will auto fill (you can change date if needed)
  • Hit save button. (this will update student's services)


Graduation Requirements is the organization of all the services into the specific grad requirements defined by the school and the count of those required, performed and what remain.





Viewing the student’s SAP status.




Viewing the Students Progress Report (report card)



The Progress Report shows the students current grades.


  1. In the right side bar, click on “Progress Report.


5. A list of all of your students in your class will appear here along with the relevant information specific to that student .Click on the name of the student that you wish to view a progress report for.


5. Here the information for the specific student that you selected will appear.

6. An entire list of tests will appear for the student along with their “score”, “out of” will default to 100 points, “percentage” and “comments”.

7. The bottom of the screen shows the following information for the student: test category, weight, score,weighted score, class average,and weighted class average.








The grades function allows the teacher to manage the gradebooks for all the classes they are marked as an Instructor or Shared Instructor.  


To add/ edit Grades you need to access the gradebooks.


1.Click on “Grades” in the left side bar.

2.Click “Grade books”

3.Use the drop down box next to “Class” to select the class that you wish to add grades to. The grade book will appear


4. Click on the assignment at the top of the screen that you wish to add grades to.



5. After selecting the assignment, a list of your students will appear. Select the student that you wish to add grades for. Click the blank field box titled “Score” enter the grade.

6.Either by using your mouse or by tabbing you will move to the next blank field box titled “Date” and enter the date.


7. Click “Save Gradebook” to update your grade book and save the new information.        











Taking Attendance:

The following visual is the first of two screens in order to be able to complete the attendance process. Follow the steps as indicated, the numbered narrative match the number steps in the visual.


1. Click “Attendance” in the left side bar.

  • Click “Attendance” directly underneath






2. Click “Post Attendance” in the right side bar, a calendar will appear.





3. On the calendar click on the current date. A list of your students will appear.






1. Select the student you wish to take attendance for. Take attendance using the drop down boxes next to the selected student’s name. Select “Present” or “Absent”.

2. Check mark either “T” for “Tardy” or “X”for “Absent/Reason Unknown”

3. “Duration is where you enter the attendance time - hours and minutes.

4. “Class Type” is a non-required entry.

5. “LE” (Left Early) Check mark this box if the student left early.

6. “Reason” use the drop down box to select from the pre-populated list of reasons, the student is either “Absent” or “Left Early”. 

7.If there is not a suitable choice of reason you may type the text in the blank field box labeled “Reason Text”.

8. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the screen to update the student’s attendance record and save the information.










Short Cut Info:  


How to add Student Services:

  • Go to Classes on (left hand side).
  • Click on your class.
  • Click Student’s name from list.
  • Click on Services Performed.
  • Pick service you wish to enter from drop down menu.
  • Type in the number of service you want to enter.
  • Service date will auto fill (you can change date if needed)
  • Hit save button. (this will update student's services)

 How to add Grades:

  • Go to Grades on (left hand side).
  • Click Grade Book on (left hand side).
  • Click on your Class. (this brings up the grade book)
  • Click on assignment  that you are grading.
  • Put in Individual grades & date of the assignment.
  • Click Submit. (this will update your gradebook).

Taking Attendance:

  • Click Attendance Tab, then click Attendance again.
  • Click on the Date. (this brings up your student's roster)
  • Take Attendance.
  • Mark any absences. (by using drop down menu)
  • Pick Reason for absence. (by using drop down menu)
  • Click submit (this will update student's attendance records.


Prestige School Management Systems                                                        




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