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The purpose of this document is to provide the details on the Prestige system functionality to create customized student IDs for Mind Body Institute.  




MBI requested student id’s be a combination of the students’ class start date and the last 4 digits of the students social security number.

Example   Student is in Class that starts on Jan 2020  

               Student’s social security number is 123-45-6789


  The students id should be: YYMM+last 4 of Social Security Number

                                 Or                   19016789


Functionality in Prestige:


The student ID is created when the student is converted from a prospect or is manually entered into the system.  The system does not require the student to be enrolled in the class prior to saving, so the student will be assigned a temporary student ID.   Temporary student ID’s are sequential begin with 9000.



To have an MBI ID number created the administrator has to complete the following steps.


  1. Enroll the student in Program
  2. Enroll the student in a Class
  3. Confirm the student’s Social Security Number is entered in the profile
  4. Delete the temporary student ID
  5. Enter the Save button -- and the system will automatically create the Student ID as defined by the school.







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