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Time clock


Program overview:

The time clocks purpose is to collect and transmit to the SIS system, the attendance hours for students and teachers.  The program will use biometric fingerprint reader to allow students and staff to clock in and out for school and work.


Active Student account information will be downloaded from the SIS system and passed to the fingerprint device. The import will be for the active students attending specific campus the device is located.  The download will update student information if it is different, it will add a new student on the device if the student is not present.  The active student download will need to occur on demand or once a day.




There may be more than one time clock device at each school.

            Each device will have it’s own ID number

            Each device will have it’s own campus Identifier


If a student’s fingerprints are not set up, (they are a new student), the user will be able to set up their actual student fingerprints on the device.


  Enter User ID

  Enroll fingerprints - 3 required for each student.


Timeclock punch in and punch outs will be uploaded to a new table in the SIS system.  

The table will track all the daily attendance activity for the students and staff.  

A daily summary attendance total will be calculated by adding up all clocked in time, and the daily total will be added to the student or teacher attendance record for the day.         


The system will need to be able to remove students or staff that are no longer active in the SIS system.  Either graduated, withdrawn, or moved to an inactive status



Finger Punch Uploader                                                            


Operational Functions:


1. We need the ability for students and employees to clock in  and clock out of the system.  

  • Need to set up Time codes that define what the student is there for

Example of Different Codes:

  • Student
  • Student GED
  • Employee


  • Define how codes are able to log in PIN vs Fingerprint
  • Students will log in with fingerprint
  • Students would not be able to log in with PIN
  • Student GED would be able to log in with PIN
  • Staff would be able to use PIN number or Fingerprint


2. The required student information will be downloaded to the device so the user does not need to add them using the time-clock interface.

  • Student First Name
  • Student Last Name
  • Student ID
  • Employee First Name
  • Employee Last Name
  • Employee PIN


3. Student fingerprints will be added to the student set up on the physical device,


4. Students may be clock in/out multiple times throughout the day.  

   - when the student clocks in - have the screen say "welcome".  

   - when the student clocks out have the screen say "goodbye"


If the student puts their fingerprint on the device, and they are already in - ask them if they would like to clock out.  

          do not tell them they "are already clocked in". -(this is the current message)

  Currently having problems determining how to log out of the system.


4. The current sweep program is running every 5 or 10 secs, and is making working on the interface challenging.  Change sweep timeframe to once a minute or make it a background process.


The data would be imported into the Prestige database.

  • Student attendance data would be recorded in the student profile
  • Employee attendance data would be recorded in the employee profile.


5. We need to set up an alert or SMS in the SIS that will send a message to the student when they clock in / clock out with their current hours.


6. Employee clock in/out time would be imported/ tracked / and managed in Prestige.  

  • Need to add an employee timeclock/ payroll report in Orbund.


In prestige:

The SIS system should be able to know which students are clocked in.

Need to see a listing of all students that are clocked in.


Students that are clocked are eligible for services in the POS system.  

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