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Prestige Student Management Systems


1.0 Type of biometric data utilized

The fingerprint process uses Biometric data created from scanning the fingerprint.  The system creates a digitized template from the scanned fingerprints.  This template is created on every scan and is compared against the database of registered users to record clock in our clock out activity.


2.0 Storage of biometric data.

The data template is  stored in a secure/ encrypted database table in the Prestige system as encrypted data and cannot be used to recreate the complete original image.

The data template in the database is compared with one produced when a person scans their finger on a reader to determine activity


All data used in the Prestige system follows the following data security protocols.  

  • All databases and user access are password protected and managed for security.  
  • Information on computer screens are hidden from persons who are not authorised to see them.
  • A back-up procedure for computer held data, including off-site back-up.
  • Ensuring that staff are made aware of the school’s security measures, and comply with them.
  • Adequate overall security of the premises when it is unoccupied.

3.0 The use of Biometric information

A fingerprint reader is a security device that uses a scanned image of your fingerprint to authenticate users in the Prestige system. With fingerprint security software users can log into the application to record clock in and clock out times by scanning your fingerprint instead of typing the Username and password on the keyboard.The biometric timeclock systems operates on the basis of the automatic identification of students, staff and employees for authentication/verification for the purpose of measuring attendance.

 4.0  Third Party Access

The school does not share personal information, including fingerprint information, with any non vendor third party organization.  All current school vendors have privacy and data protection policies included in service agreements.


5.0 Individuals to access their personal data,

After initially collecting fingerprint information, there is not a user interface to view or access personal data.  Students are able to request access to personal data, but fingerprints - once collected are not accessible or viewable.


6.0  Retention

Fingerprint  data will remain active until the student graduates or withdraws from the school.  Once the student status is converted to Graduated or Withdrawn/completed in the Prestige system, the student fingerprint data is purged from the system.   As soon as a student permanently leaves the school his/her biometric data would be immediately deleted.

Prestige Biometric Usage Document                                                

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