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Class Exclusions provides the ability for the school to cancel a specific class, and remove the scheduled hours for the canceled class.  For example if there was a snow storm during the middle of the day,  the first class had attendance, but the afternoon class was canceled.  Class exclusions will allow the school to cancel a class, removing the scheduled hours from the student record.  Class Exclusions is a spin off of the “snow days” functionality - which allows the school to delay classes, removing the scheduled hours from the student record.  The purpose of this document is to provide details on the Class Exclusion functionality.    


Setup location in Prestige - in the class setup


The extract report is included in the Academics/ Classes section.  Find the class you wish to exclude and click to open/edit the class.   



Select the class to apply exclusion dates and scroll down to the exclusion dates entry field.  


To add a new date, hit the ADD button to enter the exclusion date.

             Click Add and Close on the dialog box.

             Click Save Class to exit class edit screen.




The exclusion dates are listed.  They can be edited, removed or new dates added.





Exclusion dates impact on scheduled attendance:


Scheduled attendance is calculated by:

Counting the number of class sessions between the student’s start date and the current date.  

  • Subtract any holidays
  • Subtract any Exclusion dates

= Number of class days the student is scheduled


                     Class length  - as determined by the class schedule

                         X    Enrollment type (full - 100%, 3 days week = 60%)

                    = To determine the amount of student class time for each day


         Scheduled attendance = number of class days x student class time




Note:  Exclusion dates are unique for each class.  If the school has multiple classes, the exclusion date must be entered for each individual class.  If the entire day is canceled, use the Reference/Events Calendar to cancel a part or the entire day.




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