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Individual Student Hours Report




The purpose of this document is to provide instructions for how to location and run the Individual Student Hours Report in the Prestige System. 


Report Location in Prestige


The extract report is included in the Client Specific Report Section of the Reports Menu.


In the Client Specifics Report there is a link to the Report.  Click on this link to open the report screen.



Entering the Report Details

The report is designed to show the clock punches for each individual student during the reporting period selected.    


Report Creation

Once all the required fields have been populated the report can be created.

  • Select the from date
  • Select the to date:
  • Click on the Show Punches button


The report will be generated with a reporting period summary and a break between each student.  


To print the report, click the Print Clock Punches link in the upper right hand corner of the report.





Note:  this report is designed for schools that need a separate hard copy printout of student attendance for each student.  Otherwise there are other reports in the system that will provide summary information.



The report printout:


The report will have date and detail on the header and footer if the user selects “Header and footer” in printing options.


The report will print an individual page for each student.


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