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Adding special fields to forms




The purpose of this document is to describe the process of adding special fields to the input forms.  


Need to create a new field


The whole process begins with creating a new custom field in the system.  Since these are custom fields that will populate the Student record, the custom field needs to be added to the student record.    


Open any student record to access the edit form function.  

Click Add Custom Field






Select the field format

Once in the dialog - the user can create a new drop down options by setting up the field


The user can select the field format from the list of available options.



Select the type of field to add

There are a number of options for field type these include: 

  • Text
  • Memo
  • Date
  • File upload
  • Drop down list
  • Check box list


Once the field type has been selected the user clicks the Plus (+) button to add items to the drop down list.



By hitting the plus sign the user is able to add a new drop down field name and be able to add the drop down, or click box, options by typing in the item name and value (if known) or leave blank and the system will fill in the item value.


  1. Click to add a new row, or use the minus button to remove the row.  
  2. Save List.



Note:  the options list is now available to be used for any entry field in the system, either in the student profile or in forms.



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