Post-Biometric Attendance

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The purpose of this document is to describe the process of updating/posting the attendance from the timeclock system.   The function of running the post biometric attendance performs this service.


Where is data collected

The clock punches from the fingerprint device are collected throughout the day.  The punches are visible on the Daily Clock Punches report on the main start menu.   The individual entries are able to be viewed, edited, deleted, or updated from this report.


End of Day or Beginning of Day Routine

The process of moving the clock punches from the clock punches table to the student attendance record is performed by manually pressing the the Post Biometric Attendance.  This function is slated to be automated, but currently it is a manual function that need to run daily.


The program will take the clock punches and apply any of the attendance posting rules, like rounding, deductions, applying rules, et. al.  and convert the time to daily attendance. The daily attendance becomes the “offical attendance” for the student, staff or instructor.

Note:  This function needs to be run daily in order for attendance to be posted to the student, staff or instructor profiles, and populates the widgets on the student start page.   If a student is missing attendance, check to see if the post-biometric attendance has been run.


When the program is ran, the following display is returned, noting what attendance items have been posted to student, staff or instructor records.


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