Student User Manual

Prestige Student User Manual

Welcome To Your Prestige Student User Manual!

Your journey begins here! This is an overview of the Prestige student software that will allow you to take control and manage your educational journey every step of the way from the beginning of your education to your graduation date!

In the following pages we will break down every aspect of the features of the software and guide you in the processes and procedures that will make your educational journey easy for you to keep track of.

With easy to follow visual screens and instructions, you will find this software to be the most beneficial technical assistance in the country for career students.


Good Luck To You!

This Is Where All The Magic Begins!

From this screen you will be able to complete the following processes and procedures:

  • View Upcoming Events.
  • View Important Announcements.
  • Send Messages To Instructors and Administrators.
  • Check Your Attendance and Maintain A Satisfactory Status.
  • Check Your Grades.
  • Check Your Service Progress.
  • Check Your Financial Progress.
  • Print Your 1098-T For Tax Purposes.

Let’s View Your Start Page Widgets!


  1. START PAGE - The opening screen for all Prestige processes.
  2. COMMUNICATION - From this tab you can communicate with instructors and administrators.


  3. MESSAGES - Have a question? Send a message to your instructor, office staff, or an administrator.
  4. ATTENDANCE  - Check your attendance and progress from this tab.
  5.  FINANCE - Monitor your financial aid progress and payment history. Need a 1098-T for tax purposes? Print it from this tab.

Let’s Learn How This All Works!

COMMUNICATE!             MESSAGES………………….

Need to ask a question? Need to communicate information to a staff member or administrator? You can do that from this screen easily!

Just follow the instructions below…………….

  1. Click on the “message” tab in the left side bar.
  2. Click”New Message” in the right side bar.
  3. At the top of the screen under “New Message” you will see 5 tabs labeled as follows:
    • Add Student
    • Add Instructor
    • Add Staff
    • Add Administrator
    • Remove
      • Each of these tabs is pre-populated with a list of names that you may select from to send your message to. If you added someone that you did not intend to send the message to, click “Remove”.

        Let’s look at an example: If you would like to send a message to an instructor click “Add Instructor” select the instructor you wish to message.

  4. Type in the “Subject” of your message.

  5. These are formatting icons. You can change the look of your message here.
  6. Type the text of your message in the text box.
  7. When you are finished typing and designing your message, click “Send” the message will be sent to the person that you selected.

It’s Just That Easy!


Check here regularly for any new announcements that may be posted for your information. Keep up to date and make sure you don’t miss out!


Let’s Check For Announcements Now!

  1. Click on “Announcements” in the left side bar under “Messages”.
  2. Your class and the date will appear here.
  3. Any announcements that have been posted for you to view will be added here with the date and the title of the announcement.


Check Here Regularly So You Don’t Miss Important Information!



One of the most important factors in completing your education is your attendance! If you are a financial aid student you must maintain a specific attendance percentage per your school’s policy in order to continue to receive your financial aid. Even if you are not a student on financial aid, you must meet the attendance policy of your school to continue to be enrolled. Your satisfactory attendance rate is calculated from these numbers.

The next portion of your student screen will allow you to always be aware of your attendance percentage and the amount of hours you have completed in your program and the amount of hours that you have remaining until graduation day.

The ultimate goal of course is GRADUATION DAY!! YAY!!

Follow the instructions and visuals below to learn how to check your attendance on a regular basis.

  1. Click on “Attendance” in the left side bar.
  2. Click “Attendance Records” under “Attendance”.
  3. Class: This is the class that you are enrolled in.
  4. Subject: Here you will find the program that you are enrolled in.
  5. Student: Your name appears here.
  6. Scheduled Hours: These are the amount of hours that you are scheduled to attend.
  7. Total Hours Attended - The amount of hours that you have attended to the current date will be listed here.
  8. Attendance Rate: This is the all important number! This is the percentage rate of the amount of hours that you have attended currently. You will need to know what your school’s policy is in order to meet the percentage requirement. This number is extremely important! If you fall below a certain percentage you may be in danger of putting your financial aid at risk!
  9. Last Date of Attendance: Here you will find the date of the last day that you attended school.
  10. Contract End Date: The number shown here is the date that is listed on your contract as the last date you have in order to finish your program.
  11. Month/Day & Session - The information that falls below this heading is basically one big calendar. The month and date for each day of the month is listed along with whether you were “present” (P), “absent” (A) or “tardy” (T).
  12. The number in the parenthesis under each letter tells you how many hours you were in attendance on that date.

If you find an error on any part of the attendance calendar and would like to inquire about it, you have already learned how to “Send A Message”!

Check your attendance and percentage rate regularly, persistence and consistency is the key to a successful education!


Checking your grades regularly is essential to your successful journey! Without maintaining the grade percentage requirement per your school’s policy, you could be in for a rocky journey! And none of us want to fail!

So let’s learn how to stay on top of those grades!

  1. From the “Start Page”.
  2. Click on “Classes”. Here your class or classes that you are enrolled in will appear.

  1. Click on “Progress Report in the right sidebar.

  1. This is your “Student Progress Report”. Much like your own report card.
  2. The following student information is located on the top portion of the screen.
    • Student ID number
    • Student Name
    • The Course or Program that you are enrolled in.
    • The amount of times you have or have not been absent.
    • The amount of times that you have been tardy.
    • Number of actual hours that you have attended school.
    • Your attendance rate percentage.
    • The amount of scheduled hours you are required to attend for your specific program in order to graduate.
    • Your scheduled end date. This is the date you are scheduled to graduate.
    • The accumulated grade is a letter grade that is calculated from the grade percentages that you have completed.
  3. A list of all of the theory and practical assessments that you have completed are here with the score that you achieved on the assessment and the total amount of points that were available to be achieved. Your percentage grade is listed in the column also.

  4. As you scroll down to the bottom of the screen, you will see the following:
    1. Test: These are your theory test scores.They represent the total amount of points that you could have achieved, and the amount of points that you did achieve. (It is shown as a percentage score.)
    2. Practicals: These are your hands on practical skills test that you have taken. Again, it is the number of points that you could have achieved, and the total number of points that you did achieve.
    3. Accumulated Total: The calculation works as follows; your test score is added to your practical scores and divided by 2 to get the total of 87%. A letter grade is also represented here as well.


So now you know how to check your grades and make sure that your journey is a successful one!


How many services do I need? How many do I need to complete yet? With the Prestige Software, it is super easy to always know where you stand! Your state and your school have a minimum number of services that must be completed in order to graduate and be licensed.

Follow the visuals and instructions below to learn how to always be ahead of schedule!

  1. Click on the Start page icon.
  2. Click Reports & Transcripts.
  3. Click on Graduation Requirements.

  1. You will see the title of this page is Graduation Requirements.
  2. Your Student Name and all other relevant information about you pertaining to your education is in this top portion of the page.
  3. Service Requirements is the information below this bar.
  4. Required is the amount of practical services that you are required to complete.
  5. Completed is the number of practical services to this date that you have completed.
  6. Remaining is the amount of practical services that you have yet to complete.
  7. Cosmo Theory are the amount of hours that you have been in your theory class that you are required to attend everyday. *Remember,you have to complete an minimum number of theory hours and hands on practical services in order to graduate!
  8. Practical, there is a list of hands on practical services that you are required to complete listed below this title.
  9. You will see the list of required hands on practical skills appear here that are required by your state and your school.


See how easy that was! Make sure you check this page frequently. Always better to have too many practical hands on services than not enough!




Whether you are paying for your education through student loans, pell grants or even if you are paying for your education yourself, this page will always tell you the amount of payments, credits and debits and the balance that you owe to the school.

Never again will you have to guess what you owe! Of course if you have a question, the financial aid person at your campus is always there to help you!

Let’s look at your Student Account Ledger page for a better understanding.

  1. On your student page, click on the Start Page in the left side bar.
  2. On the right side bar on the page the heading is General Information.
  3. Under General Information click on Student Account Ledger. Your financial information will appear in another screen.

  1. This is all of your information, your name, the date you started school and the date that you are scheduled to graduate.
  2. This heading is labeled Financial Aid.
  3. SUB = Subsidized Loans, FDSL (Federal Dept. of Student Loans), Subsidized Loans that do not accrue interest while you are in school.
  4. UNSUB = these are loans that offer students a low,fixed interest rate and flexible payment terms.
  5. FEDERAL PELL = this is money that the Federal Government provides to students, it is money that does not have to be paid back.
  6. Expected - this is the amount of money that you may EXPECT to receive.
  7. Received - these are the monies that you have received.
  8. Date - this is the date that the transaction took place in your account.
  9. Type - this entry is the type of transaction that was recorded in your account, whether is was for a fee, tuition, or student loan money.
  10. Description - describes the type of transaction that occurred.
  11. Note - any notes that your financial aid person placed in this column.
  12. Pay Period - this is the pay period in which the transaction occurred.
  13. Award Year - this date is the year in which you were awarded your financial aid.
  14. Credit - these totals are for monies that were placed in your account that will be subtracted from the total amount of monies for your education such as any student loan or pell grant monies or moneys that you paid to the school.
  15. Debit - any amount listed here are amounts of monies that have been applied to your account that will be deducted from the total amount of money that you will owe at the end of your education.
  16. Balance - for every time that a credit or debit is made to your account, the Prestige software system calculates it for you! The balance is the amount of money that you still owe to the current date.

While financial aid can be very difficult to understand, your student account ledger makes it very easy to understand!

1098-T - WHAT THE HECK IS A 1098T?





  1. Click on your Start Page.
  2. Click on Finance.
  3. Click on 1098-T Tuition Statement.

  1. Click on Generate 1098-T Tuition Statement.

This is your 1098-T Tuition Statement. Of course yours will have all of your information placed in it when you print it.

Just So Easy!

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