Enrolling Students

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Enrolling Students



The purpose of this document is to provide directions on how to enroll a     



  • Type in student’s last name in the find it tab (top right side), then hit enter.




  • Click Student’s Name
  • If IRIS is not imported (IRIS is only for financial aid schools) click Students, (left side) Student Records, then click New Student (on left side) . You will then need to manually enter all student Information.



  • Verify the full address (w/ country) ,phone #, and personal email address.(make corrections if needed)
  • Type in HS Graduation Date.
  • Type in Birthdate.
  • Pick Gender from drop down menu.
  • Pick Ethnicity from drop down menu.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Add/Edit Program  


  • Program: Pick Program from the drop down menu.
  • Campus: Pick Campus from the drop down menu.
  • Classes: Click Add by Program.
  • Pick the class student is enrolling in from list of classes, then click add.
  • Start Date:  Type in program start date.
  • Contracted Grad Date: Type in graduation date.
  • Registration Status: Pick Enrolled from the drop down menu, then click update.



Note:  Student’s will not show up on the start page until the student is active and has clocked for the first time. To locate the student you will search by first or last name in this tab.

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