How To: Create an Instant Alert


Instant Alerts are a quick method to send or notify a student or staff member of an upcoming event, school closure or any other communication that you wish to create.


  • Instant Alerts” are delivered via text or email.

Under the "Communication Tab"

  • In the left column under 'New & Announcements', click on 'Instant Alerts'

  1. Click on “New Alert” in right column under “Instant Alerts”. In the “To” portion of the screen you will find gray “field boxes” labeled with the groups you may want to send your “Instant Alert” to. Click inside the correctly labeled gray “field box” or boxes to choose who to send your alert to. You may also filter your selection to select which campus you would like to target if you have multiple campuses.
  2. EXAMPLE:  “ADD STUDENTS”, at the top of this screen. Your “Departments” (programs) will be listed so you may select one or all of your students in that particular program. Here also you may choose to select a group of students or search for a student by last name by accessing the “alphabet” bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Choose which type of “Instant Alert” to send, either “Email” or “SMS” (text) message.
  4. *If you choose “Email”, formatting and design options are available.
  5. Type the subject of your message here.
  6. There are many design and formatting options available to use to make your message as simple or as elegant as you wish.
  7. Type the content of your message here.
  8. “Attach File”  allows you to browse and attach your “Instant Alert” to any type of file in your computer that you wish.
  9. “Save Copy In Correspondence Folder”  check mark this box if you wish to save your newly created “Instant Alert”. Click on “Send” to publish your “Instant Alert”.
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