Sprint Notification - Release Notes

Sprint Release Notes 4/19



        Sprint # 7 Items


            Completed Items:              
                EDS-421: Prestige - Clients LOVE the new report organizer..    Want this for Query Reports too
                EDS-339: Please create TAD Attendance and Progress Report as printing template - CRYROP
                EDS-340: Suggestion for checkbox option for "Accept this Answer" in short answer questions - All Clients
                EDS-519: Query Report list is clickable in rearrange mode.
                EDS-515: Some fields are not displaying the actual data
                EDS-506: Some UI issues
                EDS-502: Print page is showing wrong output
                EDS-498: Though all the prerquisite credit hour is completed, it shows warning message.
                EDS-497: Though all the prerequisite course is completed, it shows warning message.
                EDS-496: Warning message shows completed Courses at the list and warning message need some modification.
                EDS-482: Program Report Not Pulling Data - BBMI
                EDS-460: All data report Excel download
                EDS-452: When students are dropped or withdrawn from the class they are still displaying on the attendance ui screen.
                EDS-433: R&D on NEW Client Specific Reports Quote Request - LCROE (EDS-405)
                EDS-404: Please hide sessions that have no attendance in the attendance sheet screen - CRYROP
                EDS-400: HIGH PRIORITY-NAA Make Up Lab Kiosk
                EDS-373: Education standing to display with Corresponding Semester - Bouche Institute for Naturopathic Medicine
                EDS-368: Warning To Staff and Admin When Enrolling Students in Class That Require Pre-Requisites-ALL CLIENTS
                EDS-326: Please create the ID card template attached
                EDS-296: Please create Enrollment agreement as form - MCI
                EDS-271: Need System Option to set the default number of sessions in a class.
                EDS-264: Student not Displaying the Independent Classes on the Learner Plan -Sioux Hudson
                EDS-116: Please create assessments widget - HC
                EDS-100: Please create appointments widget for clients - GCL                                  


            Code Merged & Testing Done:      
                (These items will be in the live server by next 2 working days)                            

                EDS-423: Prestige - Add option to calculate contract graduation date from Scheduled Hours vs Actual Hours
                EDS-418: Prestige - Attendance Grace period
                EDS-457: System is not generating actual report by taking attendance between the selected range
                EDS-353: Add Class  Name To Automated Alert - TTC
                EDS-284: [Ed] Students with unsuccessful payments taking capacity - HAC


            Ready for Testing & In Progress:
                (These items will be in the live server before or with sprint 8 release)                

                EDS-166: Prestige - When creating and saving an Snow day or Exclusion date,  automatically create new contract completion dates
                EDS-391: Implement multi campus support through the system
                EDS-225: Please add Status from Final Grades Submission to the Custom Reports - CRYROP
                    (This item will be in live by next week)
                EDS-360: Instructor Portal Enhancements R&D
                EDS-327: [Ed] - Report that can show the Last Scheduled Class Date - BAMA
                    (Estimated delivery date is 16th April, 2019)
                EDS-111: Custom Report Changes
                EDS-402: Trajecsys Integration - Post attendance development
                EDS-210: Database Mirroring
                EDS-108: API for 2-Way integration for CourseKey for Attendance posting

    Sprint 6 Backlogs

                EDS-66: Add signature fields to SAP report
                EDS-331: Please create All Data Report - CRYROP
                EDS-382: Unearned Tuition Report-BBMI
                EDS-343: [Ed] Report Modification Request - The Graduate Institute
                EDS-344: [Ed] Report Request - EduMed and Bell Brown
                EDS-392: Same items shows multiple times in multiple programs
                EDS-390: Support multi campus in Events calendar
                EDS-377: Adjustments to Graduation report (Client Specific Report) - Summit University
                EDS-350: Please update the importer for CRYROP
                EDS-322: Ability to set a default campus                                    

            Ready for Testing && In Progress:            
                EDS-245: Please add option to add Status from Final Grades Submission - CRYROP
                    (This item will be in the live server by next week)
                EDS-401: Trajecsys Integration - UI development
                EDS-317: Moodle integration for Star University
                EDS-206: Timeclock system
                EDS-108: API for 2-Way integration for CourseKey for Attendance posting

    Quick Fixes

                QF-107: IPEDS Fall Report has a data field error      
                QF-108: The client not Receiving Payments - CUMT and JMVU       
                QF-135: Please automate the form Academic Probation - NAA         
                QF-140: Student ID generator for MBI           
                QF-162: Student ID numbers not displaying - Sigma Institute of Health Careers        
                QF-164: WCUI: Online Application Remote Form Post Submission   
                QF-172: Please see why the Pledge of Confidentiality form permission is set to Staff but it is not showing in the Staff records - GCL    
                QF-196: Transcript Missing Information - Hope College of Arts & Sciences  
                QF-208: Edits To Custom Printing Template-TTC      
                QF-226: Please redirect all servers to automatically pull https:// in front of the domain name
                QF-24: Forms - Update & Finalize button <- Disable function - ACCESS Schools     
                QF-246: java.lang.NullPointerException         
                QF-249: Create a survey report for orbund vision 2019 conference   
                QF-252: IPEDS Fall 12-month Enrollment Report is not working       
                QF-253: Accounts Receivable data not reporting correctly for all prestige students    
                QF-257: Reviewer of Form Disappears After Saving-CSFA   
                QF-262: Client Specific Report Pulling Incorrectly - CTCCB
                QF-263: Class missing posting attendance - Manhattan Institute         
                QF-265: Class assessment bug - The Rock Bible Colage        
                QF-267: Import payment uploaded by mistake - Colegio Universitario Monsenor de Talavera           
                QF-268: Please make the edits to the registration billing worksheet form - CRYROP
                QF-271: Clean up from Database       
                QF-272: Getting technical error and cannot import Gemcor Disbursement files         
                QF-273: Delete Charge From Invoice - ICC    
                QF-276: Please add student's name to Career Placement Printing Version      
                QF-277: WCUI - Start Page "New Leads" widget by "Campus" from Application lead forms
                QF-278: Need to how data deleted for MCI    
                QF-279: Auto Update Student Profile Fields: Added the specific field name in activity to clear confusion       
                QF-280: Removing Options From Grading Policy - PIHMA   
                QF-281: WCUI Landing Page Logo Change   
                QF-282: Please fix the Information and Outreach report - DH           
                QF-285: Students Record Directory displaying a column that shouldn't be displayed - INTERLINK Language Centers          
                QF-290: RGM Report - BAMA           
                QF-292: Technical Difficulties with Form Feature      
                QF-294: Clean old setup recurring payment plan for "Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service"          
                QF-295: Client SPecific Report >13. Student Tuition Invoice Details - not counting a day off from calendar - LCROE          
                QF-298: Mass Upload Incorrectly Imported - Digital Film Academy  
                QF-300: 1098-T FIRE Upload unsuccessful - Myotherapy     
                QF-305: Change Grade Book to Accommodate Raw Score    
                QF-306: WCUI: Need Leads data in excel format      
                QF-307: Emails not saving in correspondence after Twilio Integration           
                QF-308: Add SMS Credits-AITI         
                QF-311: Client is requesting to include student's name on a report - DFA      
                QF-312: Words Overlapping When Printing Form - ACCESS
                QF-318: Error When Sending Instant Alerts - BBMI   
                QF-323: Need a query to show the enrolled semesters as drop-down in custom field
                QF-329: In gradebook we do have option to delete assessments        

                QF-33: Please make sure HTML coding is hidden from Form titles in email subjects - TAS

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