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Class Materials


The purpose of this document is to set up electronic class material/references.


Location in Prestige






  • Step 1 Click Academics
  • Step 2 Click Classes
  • Step 3 Pick Class that materials are being added to
  • Step 4 Click Class Materials (right side)
  • Step 5 Click Add Session (right side)
  • Step 6 Type in Session (example: 40 week syllabus), Start Date, End Date, pick “always” for Display Tab (from drop down menu), & click Save.
  • Step 7  Click Add Announcement
  • Step 8 Pick Session (from drop down menu)
  • Step 9 Type in Title, Start date, & Expiration date
  • Step 10 Type of copy & paste materials here.
  • Step 11 You can upload existing files, then Click Submit


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