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The purpose of this document is to describe the features and functions of the time clock punches reports. The Time clock punches report allows the school to see the specific clock in and clock out times for students, staff, and instructors.   


Report Location in Prestige


The time clock punches report is located on the start page of the users, in the quick links section of the start page.

Report Features


The report displays the student ID, has a “Linky” name - that when clicked will open the student record, and clock in/ clock out times throughout the day, and the last column is the sum of the daily attendance.


The list is created by selecting the type of users, the campus locations and the specific day.  The user needs to select the “Show Punches” to update and view the user data.

Administrators have access to students, instructors and staff clock punches.  An administrator can add, edit, or delete the clock punches.


Note:  Due to security reasons only the system administrator can view staff records, including clock punches.  Staff can see students and instructors.

Viewing the Report

The time clock punches report displays all the clock punch activity for individual campus locations or all, for a specific date.    The data is presented ascending order (lowest to highest) based on the daily attendance total. Clicking on any of the column headers will sort the report based on values in that column.  At the top right, the report will show the total count of all the users on the report and a sum of all of their clock punch time. This tool will help the school identify the number of active students on a specific day and the total time they were present.


The user selects the type of individuals to display from the list below:

  • Student
  • Instructors
  • Staff

Select the show punches button and the report populates

Editing the Data


In the unlikely event that student miss a time punch or if the student leaves the campus and does not clock out, a user with appropriate permissions may add or edit the punches in the system.

Edit Existing Clock Punches


The user can edit the clock punches in the following manner:

  • Hover over a specific field the user wishes to edit and a pencil will appear
  • Clicking on the pencil will display the “Edit Clock Punch” dialog box, allowing the user to :
    • Edit and Update the clock punch time
    • Delete the entire clock punch record
    • Hitting “Update” will apply the changes and update the attendance duration for the day
  • Hovering over an empty field will display a “+” sign
  • Clicking on the “+” sign will bring up a Add Clock Punches interface

Once the user saves the punch time the field is updated.

After the updating the clock punch entries, the attendance duration is updated.

Individual Student Report


In addition to a school wide time clock punches report, the system has an individual student time clock punches report.  The student report provides options to select a date range and will show the clock punches, and the duration summary for each day.


To access the Individual Student report:

  • Select a Student/ Student Attendance
  • Select View Clock Punches link at the bottom of the list on the right

The students attendance activity is available in both a calendar and list view.



Calendar view

The calendar view displays the individual days for the students.   The date displays if the student was absent or present and the amount of attendance credited.

List view

The list view is an individual student report that will display the clock punches for each day.  The use selects the date range and the daily clock punch times are displayed, with the daily attendance duration.

Note:  Viewers of the list view are not able to edit clock punches.

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