Updating Tuition

Prestige Student Management Systems


Changing Tuition & Fees



The purpose of this document is to provide the specifications for changing Tuition & fees.


Updating Tuition & Updating Fees


Click Setup & Customization

Click Fees Setup

  • Step 1 Click Setup tuition (right side)
  • Step 2 Check Student Category for correct semester
  • Step 3 Click Tuition Rates by Program Tab
  • Step 4 Correct tuition for the program
  • Step 5 Click Save button


  • Step 6 Click Setup Fees (right side)
  • Step 7 Click Program Fees Tab
  • Step 8 Pick Department (drop down menu)
  • Step 9 Pick Program (drop down menu)
  • Step 10 Pick All Program Levels (drop down menu)
  • Step 11 Type in Fee Name
  • Step 12 Type in Fee Amount
  • Step 13 Check all that apply
  • Step 14 Click Save Button



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